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Hero Coaching for Parents/Caregivers


Sometimes we don’t know how to help the kids in our care. We look at them and watch them and know that life is harder for them than for most. There must be a way to build stepping stones for them to get from where they are to some place better. 


  • Are you tired of figuring out this journey alone?


  • Do you wish there was someone to point you to resources?


  • Has your child come home from school in tears and overwhelmed and you wish they had some sort of coping tools to help?


  • Have you been to the point of tears knowing things aren’t right, you don’t know what to do, and you find that other people minimize your concerns?


Then this program is for you!


In the “Challenged Child Journey” we will:


  • Equip both parents/caregivers and the child with coping strategies that work for them

  • Help you learn what helps to restore your energy and your child’s to get through the day

  • Help you explore resources that may provide you with additional support for you and your child

In this customized VIP one-on-one program, you will receive 12 weekly one-hour coaching sessions, curated resources, email support, and targeted exercises to keep you on track in between sessions. 


Contact us now to see if this is the right next step for you!

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